Hi, my name is Nele. I’m born and raised in the middle of Belgium. The country known for its (french?) fries, chocolate and gazillion silly decisions. But oh God, it’s filled with so much charm too. As a child, people often asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I answered: a princess, or simply happy. Luckily for me, I became both. It might not be an actual princess, but I do sometimes feel like one. And happy.. Well.. with ups and downs. But I believe we need the downs to enjoy the ups.

As for most people, puberty wasn’t my favorite period in life: I became insecure and started to worry about what others might think of me. Even worse: it made me feel empty. At the end of this puberty madness, I met my current love. A very sweet, empathic man who’s able to let people believe in themselves and do things they never thought they could or wanted to do. His capability of talking and asking the right questions, started to change my view on myself and my surroundings. Oh, and he has sweet eyes.

By finding more calm within myself, I also found more happiness. Although it’s a learning process I’m still evolving in and will be for a couple of years, it gives me peace. Everything I do, I try to do with my heart. Whether it’s baking pies, writing thoughts or just thinking thoughts, I try to be present in the moment. Because I believe that if you handle true to yourself, you create tiny pieces of beauty and happiness. A slow life became my way of living, my philosophy.

Note: my very talented friend Maud took this picture of me, you can find more work of her on Tumbler