Greenery Trilogy: coddle your plant (part III)


Now that you’ve picked a plant and know how to take good care of it. I’ll give you some of my tips to coddle him, small presents for your best friend. Also purrfect for a relaxing Sunday.

1 |  Repot your plant

Repotting your plant should be the first thing you do after you’ve bought a new plant. The reason is that most plants grow up in the same pot, so when they’re fully grown, the pot is too small so the plant has no place to grow anymore.

There are so many different pots available in your plantcenter. Luckily for us there are just a few things that make a flowerpot perfect for your friend. First of all I really recommend a terracotta pot because it can store the excess water in its pores and release it again when the plant needs it. Secondly it’s best for your plant to have a small hole on the bottom of your pot. this also means that you should put it on a small plate so the excess water that’ll come out of that hole, won’t smut your cupboard.

It might also be that you’ve found a super beautiful pot somewhere and you can’t resist to buy. The only problem is that it doesn’t have any hole in the bottom and it isn’t a terracotta pot. Don’t feel guilty, there’s a solution! While repotting, start with some small stones or pebbles on the bottom. This will be the place where your excess water can be stored so your plant won’t drown.

METHOD: giving your plant a new pot

step 1 |  If you don’t have a terracotta pot or a hole on the bottom. Fill the bottom of your pot for 1/4 with small rocks.

step 2 |  Take your soil and fill the pot till there’s only 1/3 of the pot empty. Now make a hole in the centre of the soil.

step 3 |  Grab your plant and remove the original pot. Also try to remove as much soil of the roots as possible. But do it very careful because we don’t want to hurt or break any big roots. Handy to know is that there’s much soil and few roots in the middle of the rootscollection, the perfect place to remove the soil.

step 4 |  Put the plant in his new pot, with its roots in the hole you made in the soil.

step 5 |  Now fill the rest of the pot with soil, but make sure your plant stays in the middle. Something that might help is alternating between the different sides of the plant, one hand of soil left, another hand on the right and so on.


2 |  Bring your Beethoven out

Plants love classical music. It’s just another thing that makes them wonderful. Unfortunately for the hard-rock fans, they don’t grow well when you put your speakers full with rock music. But they do appreciate a bit of Beethoven or Bach, or the new trend in classical music Ludovico Einaudi.

Vivaldi with his Four Season is still one of my favorites, it’s so powerful and balanced.



3 |  Clean his leaves

Dust. It spreads throughout your house in only a few hours. Not only you and I, but your plants also suffer from this dirty stuff. That’s why they love a quick cleansing, all the dust removed from their leaves. The best way to do this is with a waterspray and a soft rag.

step 1 |  Spray a couple of times on the leaves

step 2 |  Swipe the dust off with your rag. Some leaves might even need a rougher rub but try not the break or hurt any of the leaves.

result |  When you’ve done this your plants will catch more light, which is good for their photosynthesis. (= it makes sure that the plants clean our air by taking in the carbon which they use to produce sugar for their own growth, small biology lesson given by my love)


4 |  Place him nearby other plants

Cute, no? They grow better when you put a group of plants together. On top of that they protect each other. When plants stand together the chance of getting a disease or bacteria is smaller than when you put a plant alone. A downside that should be mentioned is that it’s best to check all plants on bacteria or mold when you’ve discovered it on one of them. But I guess that’s all you should know about coddling your green friend.


This was it for the Greenery Trilogy. You probably already bought yourself a plant, took great care of it and now you also know how to give him a welcome surprise! Good luck, guys. I’m sure you’ll do just fine. And remember that’s it’s no shame if a plant dies, shit happens. Just don’t stop trying, you’ll get there!!


Are there any more things you want to know or share?



2 thoughts on “Greenery Trilogy: coddle your plant (part III)

  1. Amai Nele. Ik wist niet dat jij zoveel van planten wist. Wanneer kan ik eens op bijles komen? :) Wil je hier uw job van maken? Ik heb er in ieder geval van genoten! Bedankt!

    1. Ooh, dankje! haha. Ik heb er super veel over gelezen de laatste tijd. Ik had nooit echt gedacht dat het zo interessant zou zijn! ^.^ Mijn job van maken zit er niet meteen in, van de wetenschappelijke kant weet ik namelijk niet zo super veel. Maar wie weet.. Ik zal het je laten weten als het toch zo ver is. :)


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