Greenery trilogy: pick the right plant (part I)


Plants, trees and flowers. Thank God for these beauties! Not only a pleasure for the eye, but also very good for your health. It’s proven that houseplants improve the air quality by increasing the air humidity and reducing the amount of dust. Another fantastic benefit of those natural friends is that they make you calm. So it’s pretty damn time for a Greenery Trilogy.

Unfortunately looking at their beauty isn’t enough to keep them alive. They also need some water, light and love. Determining what each plant needs to be as happy as you are, is more complicated.  To be completely honest with you, buying plants is addictive, but taking care of them is less obvious. During my plantcareer several plants died, even a cactus wasn’t always safe. Nowadays they live longer and happier than ever.  That’s why I decided to write three posts on having a loving relation with your plant. How to pick the right plant, take care of the plant and coddle your love. Welcome to the first part of our Greenery Trilogy.


determining what plantperson you are

Having a good connection and great relationship with your plant, starts with picking one that fits your personality. Therefor it’s useful to know that there are a couple of plantowner-types: a flower-plant-person, a green-plant-person and a succulent-person. What you are depends on the amount of time you want to spend on it. The flowerplants will take a lot of your time, while the succulents only need one watering every week or two weeks.

Colour and green, the flower-plant-person

The flower-plant-person is someone who is willing to give his or her plant all the attention it needs. This specific care is very important for the growth of new flowers. Without those flowers, the plant looks sad and even a bit miserable. For the ideal care it’s necessary to at least check the flower-plant every day.Why? When you see something unusual you can handle immediately.

Characteristics of the flower-plant-person:

  • Patient: you like to take your time for the things you do
  • Empathic: you can imagine how someone else feels
  • Not always on the road, loves to stay at home


Easy and beautiful, the green-plant-person

Secondly the green-plant-person is someone who loves greenery but doesn’t have the time to check on his friend every day. They’re mostly busy but also very caring people who like some cosiness. The green-plant mostly needs watering once a week and every now and then they like the dust to be wiped of their leaves. But as long as you do that, he’ll stay with you for many years.

Characteristics of the green-plant-person:

  • Social but private: you love to go out with friends, but also need some time alone
  • You’re easily bored
  • Caring: you care about other people and love to make them happy or give presents



Tough and jolly, the succulent-person

Last but definitely not least the succulent-person. The succulent-person doesn’t have the time to take care of his plant or doesn’t want to spent this time on watering and caring. Besides the succulent they are also perfect for keeping a cactus. The only condition to keep those plants for years is to water them every two weeks and put it on a place with bright sunlight.

Characteristics of the succulent-person:

  • You live in a rush: a day nothing done is a lost day
  • You feel the most comfort when you’re out
  • Your room or apartment is mostly a mess: no time to clean


My favorite plants

Plants come in different colors and shapes, but I think there is one out there for everyone. I have a small collection of different plants (which all have names), but I like some more than others. These are my all time favorites.

ODETTE the Pancakeplant or Missionaryplant

My pancake plant got the name Odette. She’s just a few months old and still needs to grow a lot. The name refers to the shape of its leaves, they look a bit like pancakes when they’re at their biggest. It’s a funny name for an extremely cute plant. The other name ‘Missionaryplant‘ originates from the Swedish man who brought a piece of this plant to his home country. From there the plant spreaded throughout Europe.



ALOIS the Aloe Vera

My Aloe Vera is huge nowadays! It keeps growing, I think I’ll need to repot him one of these days. The Aloe Vera is a well known plant, not only for your living room but its juices are also used in several medical ointments. If you get the chance to cut a stalk you’ll see the juices that look like jelly. What I love most about this plant are the lighter green stripes on his stems, it gives the plant a lion-like character.


Chain of Hearts plant

A very small plant which looks best when you hang it on the ceiling. As a matter of fact it’s not so difficult to make your own plant hanger, I’ve found a good DIY on the Free People Blog.


PLUMO the Plumosus

The Plumosus would fit perfectly in the jungle, but god I’m happy it’s a houseplant. The best thing about the Plumosus is that he loves to stand and grow in the bathroom. Because of the damp air he grows better and you don’t have to give it that much water any more. I also love the name Plumosus for the simple reason that it really looks a bit like a feather broom, which is called a plumeau in Dutch and French.


MARCEL the Cactus

Marcel is a cactus, one of the most ordinary ones you can find. But that makes him charming. In my opinion the group of small stings on top of him looks a bit like a toupee. Like every cactus he doesn’t need a lot of water, only light is very important. Without light, he won’t grow anymore.



So.. which green friends make you utterly happy?

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