5 step plan: Get shit done


Get shit done. Three words I weekly say more often to myself than there are fingers on my hand. One day I can conquer the world while the next day I feel like doing absolutely nothing. The hardest thing is always getting started, especially when you don’t want to waste any time on these tasks. I’ve tried to find an easy and efficient routine which also motivates me. And I succeeded! So why wouldn’t I share it with you guys?


1 |  Analyse your goal

This step isn’t really necessary for small tasks. It comes in handy for big new projects when you don’t remember why you even started or wanted to start the whole thing. It also gives you a clear view of what it’ll take and what can go wrong while working on it, this way you can prepare yourself.

Take a piece of paper or a new Word document on your computer. The first thing to write down is the pitch, the goal you want to achieve in one clear sentence. For example: In one month I’ll run 5 kilometers in 30 minutes. Short and clear is all it needs to be. Oh, and realistic too.

Now think about what can possibly go wrong during the process (try to make these things also realistic. So no big purple snake that’ll eat the whole world). If possible, try to prepare yourself. For example: you dehydrate during your run. Solution is to bring some water with you or put it at your beginning point.

The last thing you should write down is your motivation, the reason you really want to achieve this goal. What it’ll do to your future, for how long you’re already thinking about it, who you’ll make very happy and proud (besides yourself of course), whether you’ll have less stress after it’s done etc.


2 |  Make your to do list

Now that your goal is all clear in your head, it’s a good time to write down the things you’ve got to do to reach your goal. This can go from exercising weekly to buying a running outfit. Every tiny thing is good enough to put on your to do list. This gives you some structure on what’s coming.



3 |  Divide your to do list

Step three of the routine. Try to divide your to do list in the different steps you’ll need to undertake. For example when your to do list says to exercise weekly, you can divide that part in creating a training schedule and what you’ll do, asking your running buddy when he or she can come with you and planning the route you’ll take.


4 |  Plan your steps

So you’ve got your list with the different steps. The point of this fourth part is to schedule the different steps. Grab your journal and try to put every single step on a specific date, some might even be on the same day. But make sure it’s doable. Oh, also don’t worry if there’ll be a day you can’t do what’s planned, life is unpredictable and you won’t get hurt from rescheduling (trust me.) When you’ve found a day for every step, it’s time for the final and most amusing part.


5 |  Reward yourself (a lot)

This is the most fun part. (duh!) Think of something to reward yourself every time a step has been completed. You can also do this when you can tick off something of your to do list, but that depends on how big your tasks are. Exercising weekly, for example, isn’t something that’ll be a habit in two weeks, it’s a project of nearly two months. So it’s wise to adapt your rewards to the size of the completed task.

Some rewards can be: going to dinner at that place you’ve never been before, buying a new plant, doing absolutely nothing for a whole day, baking the biggest cake you’d ever dreamt of, putting on a facial mask and polishing your nails, holding a movie marathon or going out on a regular weekday.


What are some of your projects you haven’t finished yet?

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