Create your morning and evening ritual (+ worksheet)


Creating your morning and/or evening ritual has so many benefits. It’s probably not the first time I’ve told you this. But that’s because it really works and it secretly is wonderful, marvelous and several other beautiful words. Need some more motivation to get started? It gives you inner peace, you can do whatever you want, you sleep better and you know exactly what to do. Even when you’re a sleepy head in the morning, it’s like acting on automatic pilot.

But how do I know which ritual is best for me? Easy! By making your personal routine. The thing with rituals is that certain things might work for one person while it absolutely has no effect on the other. That’s why I truly recommend to create one your own. It doesn’t take long and you can change it at any time. The worksheet at the bottom might help you. I’ve created it in two colors, so you can chose which one you like most. (or use them both, one for the morning and the other for the evening ritual)


The start-up

Like I’ve already told you creating a ritual isn’t hard to do. You only need a few minutes to fill in the worksheet and think about some relaxing or energizing things, depending on which ritual you’re making.

Morning ritual: your morning ritual should contain elements that ensure giving you a relaxed but productive morning. A good start improves your mood for the rest of the day. So think about the things you absolutely love in the morning like a cup of coffee, dancing, granola or wishing your plants a good morning.

Evening ritual: it’s practically the same as the morning ritual. But this time it’s better to chose activities that’ll make you calm like drinking some tea, reading a book, listening to calming music or just watch the fire in your wood stove. Try not to implement any technology like your laptop or smartphone because it’s proven that the light of these machinery worsen your sleep.


Good things to implement in your ritual

Other elements you can implement which are good for the mood of the day. I’ve found some that are even healthy to implement in your routine. You don’t have to use both of them, but maybe one improves the way you feel.

Morning ritual: doing some sports seem to be very healthy in your morning ritual. It gives you the energy boost you need to fulfill the rest of your day. If you chose sports it really isn’t necessary to go for a long run, a 10-minute run is already enough to start the day. Another important part is drinking a glass of water. It refreshes your body from the inside.

Evening ritual: Right before you close your eyes to go to sleep, think about the things you’re grateful for. It improves your chances of dreaming happily. You might also want to overflow your day, explaining shortly what happened in the right order. Don’t make it a 30-minutes story, just list the things you’ve done.

Tip: try to keep in mind that this post and the worksheet is just a tool to help you to create your personal morning and evening ritual if you have no idea how to get started.


How-to use the worksheet

step 1  |  write down the things that wake you up or make you sleepy. Some things that make me sleepy are reading, a wooden stove and drinking tea or hot milk. Taking some nice big deep breaths while lying in bed also helps to set your mind at ease.

step 2  |  find the right order. Taking a moment to wake up and stretch are logically the first things to do in the morning. So is drinking a glass of water. But it’s really is a matter of personal taste. If you jump out of bed and take a shower before doing anything else, that’s absolutely perfect too.

step 3  |  keep your worksheet by hand in the first mornings or evenings. After some days you won’t need it anymore, but if you by accident forgot the order you created, having it at hand will keep you calm and relaxed.

step 4  |  don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s a routine and it’ll come automatically. Before this exercise you probably had a ritual too, but unconsciously.





Which elements do you want to implement in your routine?

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