Spiritual Journey: a first lesson



I read books, watch movies and theater, try to see the small beauty in life and eat healthy (most of the time though, damn cookies!). These small changes in my daily routine, makes this journey so interesting. That’s why this quest isn’t a learning process like any others. It’s a change you make in the way you express yourself.

in this stage, for me, spirituality is –
knowing what you like, act upon it and learn to work with it when things don’t go as you wished for

see the beauty in small things
get fulfillment in mostly everything you do
reading books to richen your mind
learn to live with yourself… and others
live mindful

I’ve been doing this challenge for over three months now and I feel there’s still so much to discover. But being in the moment I am right now, is an important part of the journey. Trying not to live in the past or future, but enjoy the now because the future will once be the now.

Another important insight is that your spiritual self isn’t something you find, but something you already have, with the possibility to change it. Learning new habits, losing others. Spirituality lies within you and only you have the power to decide how it comes out. This ‘decision’ is inevitably connected with finding your true self. There’s no such thing as a spiritual self without a true self.

What I keep in mind from these first months: Spirituality equals finding your true self and living mindfully

Everything you do,
and think
is a choice

Every choice
leads us towards the future

Ask your heart,
and it will guide you.

Satsuki Shibuya

 pictures: Charlie Schuck and  Amanda Ringstad
design: L&G studio. This series of large scale hanging sculpture (Point-Counterpoint) explores materials, shape, balance, and movement in space. Crafted with custom machined fittings by Ladies & Gentlemen in their Brooklyn studio.

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