The learn-something-new project


Learning new skills is one of my favorite things. Every new skill I want to learn is a project or challenge to achieve. So why don’t we just make every learning process a challenge? For example the two-weeks-graphic-design or the 30days-timemanagement. It doesn’t ask a lot of effort to create those projects, but it’s a great motivation to stop postponing! For some extra motivation, you might want to read the article on GET SHIT DONE! Only 5 steps away from doing what you’ve always wanted to do.

Besides from being fun and challenging, it’s also healthy for your mind. Learning something new gives the mind something to do. This means that it keeps your mind young, creative and attentive. Secondly your brain functions better when you give it a challenge, it’s like the other muscles in your body. When you’re chained to your bed for several weeks, it’s not so easy to walk or stand again because your muscles are weakened. It’s the same with the brains.

Tip: a good journal to set and keep goals are those of the Australian brand Mi Goals. They create journals in which you can organise yourself, but they also sell notebooks to help you setting and achieving goals. It’s really a blast to use!


1 |  what to do

Now that you’ve decided to try the project-project, we can start preparing. First of all it’s important to find something that you would like to learn, the goal for the challenge. Hereby you need to keep in mind that certain activities take longer than others. For example learning to be more patient will take longer than trying to sew a napkin.

I believe that you’ll have a lot of things you’d like to learn, like a learning-bucketlist. But what if one day you notice that this bucket list of yours is fully completed? I suggest you take a look on Skillshare or TEDtalks. The first website gives free courses on several skills to learn while the second website is filled with videos of people talking about several subjects like creativity, intelligence and so on.


2 |  how long will it take

Next on the to-do list is deciding how long you want to work on your project: one week, two weeks, a month, half a year or even a full year. And also whether you want to do one step a week or every day a step closer to the goal. When your goal is to be a good illustrator, it might be a good idea to sketch every day five minutes.

Keep also in mind that the level of competence is an important measurement to know how long you’ll probably need to master your new skill. What I mean is for example if you want to learn how to play the piano. It’ll take longer to learn Vivaldi’s Four Seasons than it will to play a simple childrens’ song.

Tip: If you’ve decided how long your whole project will take, you might write down in your journal when you’ll work on it. But that’s not necessary, it can only help the forgetful.


3 |  the motivation sheet

I thought it might come in handy to have a worksheet where you can write it all down. That’s why I’ve made this printable (once again) for you. I’ve used it myself and it helped. If you’d like for me to change some things to make the design more efficient, please let me know.

Note: don’t you just love that american notebook pattern? Els&Nel made a journal in this pattern. It really is a beauty!



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    1. Dat ken ik! Na een tijdje zijn er zoveel dingen die je wil kunnen en leren. Veel succes met je overzicht, hopelijk kan deze post je wat helpen de lijst korter te maken. :)

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