The start of a journey: let your spiritual self arise


I’m challenging myself (again). Well, in fact it’s more a quest than a challenge, although it can be both. I am curious to find my spiritual self, or how others sometimes call it: my higher self. Not in a magical, hippie kind of way, but more of a selfconscious, inner peace and balance-kind of way. Why, you wonder? Because I believe your inner self is one of the most important people in this entire world. If you’re in peace with yourself and know yourself thoroughly, you’ll find a greater possibility of living a happy life. Will it all be great? No, but I will be trying to find the characteristics needed to be able to handle a less positive or even bad situation with calmity, peace and selfconfidence. When being able of doing that, you’ll be able to see the good in almost every situation.

Maybe a bit more explanation will be of any help. In my opinion a human exists of three things: a body (duh!), a mind and a spirit. The balance between these three, gives inner peace and understanding. Important to know is the difference between your mind and your spirit. The mind is in fact your emotional side, how you feel. (happy, sad, disappointed, surprised and so on), your spirit is more or less how you handle certain situations. For example: if you’re in a bad situation, you feel sad or angry. If everything is going as you wished it would, you’re happy and motivated. Right? Well then have you ever met someone who was in a very bad situation (let’s say a terminal disease), but still had the courage of being happy and enjoying most things? Those people are the ones with a filled and strong spirit,  the ones I admire, the ones I want to be myself and the reason for this quest.

So what can you expect in the next weeks (probably even months)? An online book filled with thoughts, tips, knowledge, experiences, interesting readings, music and probably something about plants too. In short: my journey of finding my spiritual self.

Feel free to find your spiritual self too and share your experience with me. A good dialogue has never hurt anybody.



Below you find the different chapters that have already been written with a link to the article.

Introduction: the start of a journey (this article)

First thoughts on spirituality

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