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Lately I’m thinking a lot about myself: what I like, who I want to be and what I stand for. Doubt and changes but also reading about all kinds of things like spirituality and health. It’s a bit like puberty (the time of finding yourself). I’ve heard so many times that puberty ends when you’re about 18 to 20 years old. But as I see it, this ‘ending’ is just a beginning. During my puberty I had no clue of what I was doing and why. That’s completely different now. I think about all kinds of things I do or see. It’s a constant search for the ‘ideal me’, the person I now want to become without not liking the person I am right now.

This personal doubt isn’t always fun, and often comes with a certain amount of uncertainty.  But it’s also an important period. It gives an opportunity to change your bad habits and live the life you’d like to live. I believe it’s also the period in which the evolutionary and even revolutionary people arise. Why? By thinking about your priorities and principles, you automatically compare them to other people, but also to society. I’ve noticed that most people, when they get older, don’t have many big ideas left. They start to relativize practically everything. Not always a bad thing of course, but it is when we’re talking about dreams and ideas. Experiment, try and like Shia LaBeouf said some months ago: Just Do It! If you’re the kind of person that needs some traveling and challenge to find the real you, do it! Do whatever it takes to live the life you’d like to live. Even if it gets difficult during the way.

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Next to this personal reconsideration, I’m also creating a ‘plan‘ to change all the things needed to become the person I’ve always wanted to be. Starting with a list of things (always a list, loooove lists) I would like to do more, like reading, painting and meditating. Other important changes I would like to see in my life are buying less, but more ethical and trying to find my own creative solutions in stead of running to the shop and buy what I need. So one part of my plan is to read this list weekly and over time change everything, but without real pressure because these are things I really want, and don’t have to do.

That also reminds me of a very easy trick I’ve learned to stop giving yourself too much pressure. State that you MAY do something in stead of HAVE to do something. It’s as simple as this: I don’t have to go to the store to buy my groceries, I may go to the store and buy yummy food and drinks. It’s just a view on the world. By changing that view, you can change your attitude towards something and that means you can make your life as fun as you want. (sounds good to me!)

But now back to creating a plan. I’ll explain mine in some steps: (if you have another plan, I really would love to hear it)

step 1  |  write down a list of things the ‘ideal me’ would do (mine is: reading, daily meditation or every two days, painting, traveling by myself, buy more ethical, eat healthy and veggie and take a lot of pictures).

step 2  |  look at these things one by one and write down or think about what has to change in order to realize that desire. (set a stable moment for the meditation, search some books you’ll read, find ethical brands like People Tree and Everlane, …).

step 3  |  this might sound silly, but I’ve been searching for some motivational quotes on Pinterest (like the ones you can see above and on the bottom of this post).

step 4  |  reread the list every now and then, so you remind yourself of your ‘goals’. I’ve written mine in a notebook I sometimes carry with me.

step 5  |  the most important thing: don’t take it all too seriously. Try to make it a wish or desire in stead of a must. A must will only turn the pressure up.

step 6  |  bears resemblance to the previous step: enjoy the process. Be proud of every small step you took and don’t worry if your ‘ideal me’ changes during the way, that’s perfectly normal.

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Another (and the last for today) saying I’m a bit troubled with is that it’s good to have one passion on which you can focus and thereby evolve faster. I just don’t fit in that thought, and to be honest I don’t think anyone fits there. For example I love minimalism, all things simple living, plants, art, yoga, photography, interior, graphic design, Pinterest, … (I can go on and on with this list). There just isn’t one thing I’m specifically good at or interesses me without ending. Every now and then a new fascinating thing comes in my life and that’s a start for weeks and months of reading, trying and discovering. And that’s a good thing. It keeps you curious and willing to know more about different subjects. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not bad to have one special something your passionate about, it’s even beautiful and you should most definitely treasure it. But if you don’t have such a thing, that’s really ok too. Maybe you find yours someday, or maybe not. Either way enjoying what you do is important and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

pictures found on Pinterest, if they’re yours, please let me know.

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