Thoughts on spirituality


It seemed like a great idea to start this journey with my first thoughts on spirituality, with questions like what is it an do we all have a spiritual side?

In my younger years I immediately imagined a buddhist sitting on a mountain and thinking about faith or religion. Seems a bit stupid, but I guess that’s a kind of spirituality. But what about self-growth? I think that’s a kind of spirituality too. In stead of a munk sitting on a mountain thinking about faith, it might be me, sitting on a balcony thinking about my life and how to ‘improve’ myself. I’m not a religious person, either am I an atheist. I believe in the power of humanity and nature.

A little while ago I was talking to a good friend of mine about the power of crystals. She told me that the energy in these beautiful stones was different than our own energy. And that this difference gave the stones the power they have to heal or strengthen us. It’s realistic, but I rather give this thought a little twist: just because she believes in the different energies, she gives her brain the stimulus that there’s going to change something. Our brains prepare for the healing and thereby heal itself. So in short: she healed herself with the believe in the healing power of the stone. (or am I being too psychological?) Neither way, I believe that we all have the enormous power of healing ourselves and that makes us all unique and wonderful beings.


What also popped in my mind while thinking about the word spirituality, is this: Spirit is a part of the word spirituality. Like I already told you in the introduction of this journey, the spirit is one of the three elements of which a human consists. This means that spirituality has to start within ourselves. In religion the soul is the one thing that doesn’t die when you do. Although I’m absolutely not religious, my opinion doesn’t differ that much. I think the soul reflects who you are. It’s the ongoing balance between our consciousness and our subconsciousness. It reflects what we stand for and what we think is important.

Another important part of spirituality for me is meditation. Any kind will do. Some like to meditate by sitting comfortably and trying to clear their heads, others like to take care of plants or take a walk. Anything that makes you forget about your worries or life in general for a while, is a great meditation. You don’t even have to stick with one sort of meditation. I sometimes just sit and clear my head (with Headspace), water my plants, make a new aquarel or take a small walk in the neighborhood. Really anything works, if it gives you some calm and inner peace.

These are of course my thoughts on the subject. I would love to hear yours and have a dialogue about it.


ps: the picture on top is from the very talented June Kim. It’s really worth it to take a look at her beautiful, minimal fashionish pictures!

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