Week challenge: become a no-stress princess


You definitely know the feeling: your stomach is out of control and you think you’re gonna burst into tears any moment now. That horrible stressfeeling is back! For me, being stressed for the most silly activities like driving, catching my train or having to get up early in the morning. There’s no doubt: I’m a stress princess. That’s why I started my search for good anti-stress-tips. Because less stress means more productivity and creativity. Two things we all adore.

First of all an important question: what is stress in fact? Well.. Stress is an everyday problem most people have to deal with. It grew over the years from a reaction to danger to an adrenaline-kick that can come at any time, with or without a specific reason. Stress is an awful feeling and it can cause so much damage to your body, physical as well as mental. Don’t get me wrong, we do need a bit of stress to get things done and perform better. But too much is never good. 

Still no worries, you can do many things to avoid or deal with it. Below you find seven tips spread over the week. Let’s make this a one week challenge and see how you feel afterwards.


Monday | find out what stresses you

Before you can start dealing with it, you have to know what causes it. All you need is a pen, paper and a normal day. The easiest way to find your stress triggers is to write down every time you feel stressed. Write down what you’re about to do, are doing in the moment or think about. After a whole day of writing down, you can start analyzing and try to find common factors. Now that you know what stresses you, you can take these factors into account and try to relativize the situation.


Tuesday | practise different hobbies

This is something I’ve learned from a video on Freunde Von Freunden. David Fischer is a photographer and a cyclist. He says it’s important to have different hobbies so you won’t minimize or lose inspiration. So I did some research on this topic and learned that the best combination is your job or study, something creative and a sport. You will find inspiration in one hobby which can be used during the other hobby.

If you have no idea what you could do, I have put together a short list.


graphic design  •  web design  •  jewelry making  •  archeology  •  cooking  •  juggle  •  gardening  •  wood carving  •  interior design  •  collage technique  •  painting  •  sketching  •  fashion design  •  photography  •   ceramics


running  •  walking  •  swimming  •  yoga  •  orienteering  •  kayaking  •  tennis  •  treasure hunting  •  cycling  •  rope skipping  •  aerobics  •  badminton  •  hockey  •  boxing  •  dancing  •  ice skating  •  skate boarding  •  diving  •  climbing  • squash  •  water polo


Wednesday | turn off notifications

The ongoing ‘peep’ and ‘boing’ noise my cellphone produced was keeping me off the work I was trying to finish. It was so much easier to keep chatting on Facebook or pin new pictures on Pinterest that I lost so many hours. Until one day I read one of my favorite blogs Into Mind about turning off notifications. Heaven opened its gates! I now only hear my piece of technology when someone calls or texts me. No more Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat or Instagram notification sounds.

How to turn off these notifications? I wish I knew every smartphone on earth, so I could explain it for every case. But sadly I only know the procedure for an iPhone. Let’s believe that it is practically the same for every mobile phone. So go to ‘settings’ > ‘Notification Center’ > click on the app you want to turn off > alert style ‘none’ and turn off the badge app icon and the sounds. That’s it.. Do this for every application you don’t want to hear anymore and you’re ready for silence and focus.


Thursday | maintain a morning or evening routine

Maintaining a morning and/or evening ritual can help you with getting up in the morning and it’ll even give you a better night rest. The reason for all the upsides? The brain loves organisation and habbits, so when you keep repeating the same thing every morning or every evening, our brains will adapt to this order. For example if you always read a few pages and drink tea before you go to sleep, your body will know the moment you start reading that it’s the end of the day, so it’ll prepare for the night.


Friday | dare to say no

I used to fill every day of my journal with the thought that a day and evening nothing done is spilled. Believe me, there are few things less true then that. I said yes to everything and everyone which gave me no time to sleep. After a while of rushing around I felt lost and stressed, I knew something had to change. And so I started taking some time off to take care of myself. Some well deserved me-time!


Saturday | reward yourself

This tip is a continuation of your Friday, but still is slightly different. Plan doing nothing, give yourself a present or visit that new place in town. Today is your day. After five days of working or studying it’s time to relax. Grab your list with wanna-do’s and get going. Every now and than your body and soul need some time off. Nobody to look after except yourself gives your head, body and soul the time it needs to recover and get motivated for the next week. If its not possible to take a whole day, a couple of hours will do too. What I do on those days is baking, gardening or visiting new shops, coffeebars and restaurants.


Sunday | declutter your house

This seems unimportant, but the look and feeling of your interior has effect on so many things in your daily life. Sunday is the perfect moment of the week to start decluttering your room, house or apartment. Grab some empty boxes and fill them with things you don’t use, want or need anymore. But be brave, when you hear the little voice in your head saying that you could use it some day, doesn’t mean you have to keep it. Decluttering takes time and courage. But I’m sure you can do it!


What helps you when you’re feeling stressed ?

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  1. Interessante blogpost! (en ja ik geef toe, ik ben ook een ‘stress princess’.) Wat mij helpt is gewoon alles goed plannen.
    Ps: Veel succes met je blog :) x Amber (The Comfy Creative)

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